From his true name Alain Chirwisa, Alesh is actually one of the most known names of Congolese Hip hop.

Committed Hip Hop artist (Mc, rapper, Singer, Performer and storyteller), he lives and works between Kisangani in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa and the rest of world. He fell into music very young, under the influences of his big brother’s sound, Patrick. A sensitive childhood triggers in him a great revolt, the need to say, to externalize what he has in himself, while testifying in his own way what is happening around him. Not “the” truth, but what he calls “his” truth. At the age of 15, Alesh discovered through the microphone a great instrument for the floor. It starts well in the music column alongside Freddy Saleh, now a journalist in the RTNC (The Congolese National Television) and music critic. A few months later, he joined the Hot Boys, a rap group in town! Some years later after he became one of the three pillars of the group, he decided to pursue solo adventure. He left the band in 2005 and recorded the first track VIP. In 2006 he really asserted himself on the boyomaise and the whole Congolese Hip Hop scene with the single Reveil, a song very committed politically in the midst of elections, based on the daily lives of his home city residents and also on the promising speeches of challengers in the race for all first democratically accessible political office in the DRC.

A moment with Alesh of the DRC from Nomadic Wax on Vimeo.