2014 sees Voices of the Revolution return with a bigger, broader and more ambitious line-up. From the award-winning Zimbabwean Mbira-player Hope Masike to alternative UK hip-hop group Young Fathers; from Namibian musical activist and songwriter Elomotho to new-wave founder Martyn Ware; from one of the most successful British female singers of the 1960s, Sandie Shaw, to internationally renowned rapper Alesh from DR Congo; from Colombian percussionist Pedro Ojeda to a key founder of UK hip-hop Rodney P. These artists, along with many more, will work together to create, perform and record collaborative performances in Bristol, Sheffield and Manchester, culminating in a series of unique performances at Shambala Festival.


For UK artist Rodney P, this collaborative process is key to his passion for music:

‘Part of the reason why I am still here as an artist after 25 years is for my love of collaboration, getting different people, from different places in one room – magic can happen. That’s the reason why I love being part of the music industry’.

 As these artists perform throughout the UK, their journeys and experiences will be documented through social media, performance and video. Artists will record their works throughout the project, culminating in the release of an album available for digital download.

The result: a project that connects across the globe, bridging the physical and digital divide to bring people together. A shared voice, a shared message.